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Mentor Guidelines for SPA Senior Projects

Thank you for considering being a mentor to a St. Paul Academy (SPA) senior during their Senior Project experience. Seniors at SPA will spend three weeks at the end of the academic year involved in a Senior Project. These projects are a chance for the student to grow in some way, and each student will need to gain access to a mentor or resource in some capacity to help them reach their goals. 

The Senior Project is a structured, supervised experience that combines academic learning and career development/exploration that has historically taken place in a professional work environment. Students can gain hands-on experience, learn new skills, explore a profession and/or develop a working knowledge of an organization’s structure and operations. A mentorship is a partnership. This partnership is a three-way relationship between the SPA Senior Project Committee, the site mentor/supervisor, and the student. 

Students can bring enthusiasm, creativity, and a fresh perspective to your organization. We ask that the organization provide a supportive, yet challenging, environment in which the student can grow and learn. Students may not be paid for this experience