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College Counseling

College counseling at SPA is centered on individual relationships with students and a partnership with each family to provide professional guidance and insight on the college search and application process.

Every student is assigned one of three full-time college counselors in semester two of Grade 10. Well before thinking about specific colleges, the college planning process begins with counselors getting to know their students and encouraging them to establish a strong academic foundation and cultivate personal interests in and out of the classroom. College counselors advise on academic schedules and extracurricular activities, and provide emotional support and encouragement as students identify the areas of study and engagement that truly excite them.

By the time students enter the junior year, college counselors know their advisees well and provide personalized guidance as the college search begins in earnest. Counselors work closely with the student and the family to identify key college criteria based on the student's interests and personality, suggest colleges to research and visit, develop a testing plan, review essays and applications, and personally advocate for students directly with college admission officers. Counselors also help students and families understand financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and counsel seniors in making their final college choice. While educating and advising students, counselors foster a relaxed, positive and informed approach that empowers students as individuals to affirm their own values and direction as well as support others.

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Mary Hill

Director of College Counseling and Academic Planning