An independent day school serving grades K-12 | St. Paul, MN


In the Upper School, all science courses are laboratory based. Physics 9 incorporates research-based approaches that emphasize collaboration, discussion, creativity, and problem-solving. Engineering design and design thinking projects are integrated into the curriculum. Grade 10 biology progresses from evolution to physiology through ecology, molecular biology, biotechnology, and genetics. The Grade 11 chemistry course provides a comprehensive introduction to topics in chemistry with a strong focus on collaboration, including discussions, frequent lab work, demonstrations, and group problem solving. 

Students can select from a broad range of second-level and interdisciplinary science electives for their junior and senior years including Environmental Science, Genetics, Space Science, Advanced Mechanics (offered with and without Calculus), Forensic Science, Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, Relativity and Quantum Physics, Waves, Neuroscience, Optics and Acoustics, Electricity and Magnetism with Calculus. There are honors level courses in required biology and chemistry.

Juniors and seniors may also apply for the Advanced Science Research elective in which they pursue independent research in any scientific field. This capstone course builds upon current science skills, including lab technique, scientific writing, and formal presentation. Students enter their research in local and national science competitions. 

Advanced science electives support preparation for AP exams in biology, chemistry and physics.

Check out Ruth Mellin '22 and Alex Moore '22's two-minute "elevator pitch" above highlighting their original Advanced Science Research (ASR) project:  “Project SERSI: smartphone enabled robotic sign language interpreter." A full library of ASR student research pitches can be found here.