An independent day school serving grades K-12 | St. Paul, MN


Physical Education and Wellness classes help students explore the interconnections in their lives, linking students’ own beliefs, values, and behaviors to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our goal is to help students to develop integrity by making choices based on personal values and self-knowledge.The Grade 9 Fitness for Life course includes instruction in traditional sports, supervised training on fitness equipment, and certification in CPR. Grade 10 Wellness is a one-quarter class taught by one of the Upper School counselors which provides a supportive and reflective opportunity to explore and develop personal values, choices, and skills.

Fitness for Life (Grade 9)

Fitness for Life is a required class for 9th graders in which they explore topics and activities designed to promote their physical and emotional health and well-being. As part of the school's Wellness curriculum, students engage in discussions and activities to explore various topics that help promote a healthy sense of self and a positive approach to fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits in general. As a physical education class, the emphasis is on learning life-long skills in fitness training and team competition. As part of the Fitness for Life curriculum, students receive training in CPR, AED use, and basic first aid.

Wellness (Grade 10)

This class introduces the concepts and skills that assist teenagers in being mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically healthy. Students explore their understanding of identity, community, and personal responsibility. The foundational belief of the course is that success and wellness are best achieved when student's values, identity, and behavior align. 

This is a process-oriented class exploring concepts through experiential activities, personal reflection, and group discussion. Content and skill areas include: handling stress, communication skills/conflict resolution, mental health issues, chemical health, understanding and establishing boundaries, eating disorders and body image, relationships (familial, romantic, friendship), sexuality, spirituality, and personal integrity.