An independent day school serving grades K-12 | St. Paul, MN

History and Social Studies

In Upper School history courses, students gain historical perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and refine discussion strategies. All students take a two-year world history sequence in Grades 9 and 10. Topics include classical empires, world religions, the post-classical world, revolutions, industrialization, globalization through colonialism and in the post-colonial world, and a formal history research process and paper each year. 

In Grade 11, students complete a United States History course that includes a significant research component and work with various primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and college level texts. 

Senior elective seminars focus in depth on specialized topics. Seminars include Economics, History of Law, Government and Citizenship, History of Thought, US Foreign Policy Since World War II, Global Issues, History of Refugee Communities, World Religions, Honors United States History, Gender in the Americas, History of Law, Israel and Palestine, Ancient World, Social Movements in US History, and History of Race.

World history and U.S. history courses may be used in preparation for AP exams.