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In the Upper School English program, students actively engage with literary works, explore both content and form, and acquire sophisticated skills in analysis, writing, and public speaking. In Journeys in Literature (Grade 9) and American Literature (Grade 10), students build strong critical reading, expository and creative writing, and assertive yet generous discussion skills. English electives in Grades 11 and 12 are semester-long courses focusing on the analysis of literature. Students apply critical lenses, develop literary awareness and appreciation, and demonstrate sophisticated expression of ideas in writing and in discussion. Reading lists feature classical and contemporary titles. Electives include Speculative Fiction, Poetry: Connection and Community, Classics in Society, Literature of the Asian Diaspora, Literature of Migration, and Gender in Literature. Robust, award-winning programs in debate, journalism, and theater encourage students to deepen skills in performance and print. All Grade 11 and 12 English electives may be used in preparation for the English Composition AP exam.

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