Why I Give: alumni/ae 

Allan Klein, Class of '64

"A strong SPA is important to our community in the broad sense, and to my family in a more narrow sense. SPA has helped shape and empower my extended family for many years as various relatives have attended the school, and it is only fair that I support it when I am able. I owe a great deal to the school for what it gave to me, and I know that it was the monetary contributions of those who came before that enabled the school to do that for me. Now, it's my turn to contribute so that the school can continue to excel. 

“I know that there are many ingredients that are needed to make a great school. I also know that I cannot directly provide most of those ingredients; they have to be provided by trained professionals—teachers, administrators, and staff. But there is one thing that I can provide, something that is necessary to getting many of the other factors in place—and that is financial resources. Quality education is important to our community’s future, and this is one way that I can contribute to it. 

"Someone who is both an alumnus/a and a parent, and who becomes a Leadership Giving Society donor, is affirming a continuity of excellence. They are saying: ‘SPA did well for me 20 years ago, and SPA is doing well for my child today.’ That tells other potential alumni/ae donors that the quality education they received years ago is still being delivered today, and that the SPA of today deserves their support."

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