Academic Departments

The Upper School's seven academic departments offer more than 100 required courses and electives in mathematics, science, English, journalism and publications, debate, world languages, physical education, music, and the fine arts. Graduation requirements and links to course descriptions for 2019-20 are below.


Graduation Requirements: Successful completion of four full years of English with at least one-half credit per semester: Journeys in Literature (Grade 9), American Literature (grade 10), and four semester English courses (grades 11–12).

English course descriptions | 2019-20

History and Social Studies

Graduation Requirements: Successful completion of World History I (Grade 9), World History II (Grade 10), and U.S. History (Grade 11); 96% of students take history/social studies all four years.

History course descriptions | 2019-20


Graduation requirements: Successful completion of a third-level course in mathematics: Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Pre-calculus or Honors Pre-calculus; 97% complete four years of mathematics, with 65% in calculus or post-calculus.

Mathematics course descriptions | 2019-20


Successful completion of three years of the following lab sciences, taken in sequence: Physics 9, Biology, Chemistry; 97% complete four years of lab science.

Science course descriptions | 2019-20

Computer Science and Engineering Courses

Upper School computer science courses are housed within the Science Department.

Computer Science and Engineering course descriptions | 2019-20

World Language

Successful completion of level III of a world language or, by permission, level II of two languages. Enrollment in a language required through Grade 10; 91% take world language through level IV, with 65% continuing through level V or Senior Seminar.

World Language course descriptions | 2019-20

Fine Arts

Graduation requirements: Three-fourths credit of fine arts completed in Grades 9–12.

Fine Arts course descriptions | 2019-20


Graduation requirements: Participation in Fitness for Life class for one semester (Grade 9). Participation in one quarter of Wellness (Grade 10). 

P.E./Wellness course descriptions | 2019-20

Senior Year Capstone Projects

During the senior year, all students must successfully complete the two senior year capstone projects: the writing and delivery of the Senior Speech and completion of the Senior Project.
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