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French language students earn numerous awards in annual "A Vous la Parole" and "Grand Concours" contests
Posted 04/25/2019 03:25PM

On April 18, students from across the state went to the University of Minnesota to participate in "A Vous La Parole." This annual contest tests students’ pronunciation, fluency, artistry, and enthusiasm in the French language. Juries of French teachers and native speakers evaluate the participants in the categories of song, theater, and poetry. The following Middle School French 8 and Upper School Level 2 students distinguished themselves in the competition by earning blue ribbons from the judges:

  • Ruby Fields
  • Maggie Fried
  • Parisa Ghavami
  • Jack O'Brien
  • Ellie O’Malley
  • Quenby Wilson
  • Clea Gaïtas Sur
  • Annika Brelsford
  • Zoey Burkhardt
  • Sarina Charpentier
  • Nafisa Hagi Aden
  • Jayden Jones
  • Ellie Murphy
  • Maggie Baxter
  • Nan Besse
  • Henry Burkhardt
  • Naci Konar-Steenberg
  • Ruth Mellin
  • Will Sedo

In addition to these top results at A Vous la Parole, SPA french language students received their scores from the Grand Concours french competency test last week. The Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. This year, over 70,000 students in grades 1-12 took this written test, competing against students with similar levels of French. The exam tests students’ listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary, and compete against students with similar levels of French. The Grand Concours is recognized as the toughest test one could take in French, and getting a medal is a tremendous achievement. This year, medals went to:

Gold (95th percentile):

  • Maggie Fried
  • Naci Konar-Steenberg
  • Ayla Rivers
  • Isobel Alm
  • Mimi Huelster
  • Alex Moore
  • Alek Radsan
  • Gabriel Konar-Steenberg

Silver (85th-94th %):

  • Maddy Fisher
  • Lucy Benson
  • Mia Schubert
  • Sophie Cullen
  • Liam Will

Bronze (80th-84th %):

  • Riley Erben
  • Parisa Ghavami
  • Ellie O'Malley
  • Max Shaffer
  • Annika Brelsford
  • Clea Gaitas Sur
  • Will Sedo
  • Hannah Davis-Jacobs
  • Liv Larsen
  • Garrett Pauly
  • Marie Schumacher
  • Max Moen

Minnesota Honors: Simon Assefa, Nathan Cohen, Ruby Fields, Jack O'Brien, Olivia Stitt, Quenby Wilson, Nan Besse, Zoey Burkhardt, Eloise Duncan, Ruth Mellin, Ellie Murphy, Thomas Reinhart, Justin Troth, Allison Audette, Miranda Bance, Val Chafee, Alessandra Costalonga, Adeline DeHarpporte, Lucia Granja, Lilith Greene-Friedman, Michael Moran, Will Shrestha, Martha Slaven, Gracie Tilney-Kaemmer, Jax Wittenberg, Henry Cheney, Eli Conrod-Wovcha, Melissa Nie, and Sarah Oppenheim.

Congratulations to all of our French language students!

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