Advanced Science Research and Advanced Technology students present original research projects
Posted 12/06/2017 12:32PM

Students in the Advanced Science Research and Advanced Technology Projects presented their original research projects on Tuesday, December 5 at SPA's annual Science and Technology Showcase. Advanced Science Research (ASR) and Advanced Technology Projects (ATP) are upper-level courses in which students design and implement an independent research project (full list below).

This year's Science and Technology showcase featured a poster session in which students presented their projects to showcase attendees. Next semester, ASR students (and some ATP students) will use the feedback from the showcase to prepare a professionally printed poster for the Twin Cities Science Fair and a formal report for the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Students in ATP will also continue work on their projects; some students plan to release their projects in the Google Play store and others will refine their work for internship and college admission portfolios.

Advanced Science Research projects:

  • Sorcha Ashe '18: Assessing Nerve Cell Distribution Among the Eight Arms of the Octopus
  • Phillip Bragg '19: Solving the Mystery of the Opioid Methadone
  • Isabel Dieperink '19 & Valerie Bares '19 (St. Paul Central High School): Adding Calcium Chloride to Improve Bacterial Adhesion in a Xylem Filter: A Novel Mechanism for Water Filtration
  • Flannery Enneking-Norton '18: Exploring the Facilitative Relationship between Lumbricidae and Rhamnus cathartica
  • Jeffrey Huang '19: Manipulation of Light-Dark Cycle and Frequency of Light on the Bioluminescent Dinoflagellete Pyrocystis Lunula
  • Annie Lam '19: The Effect of Acute Copper Exposure on Zebrafish (Zebra Danio)
  • Elsa Runquist '18: Water Quality and the Abundance of Tardigrades
  • Emilia Topp-Johnson '18: Behind the Kernels VI: An Identification and Assessment of Potential Endophytic Mutalists
  • Riley Will '18: Inhibition of E. coli Growth with a Peptide Derived from BamA
  • Mira Zelle '18: Carbon Sequestration and Ocean Acidification in Minnesota Lakes

Advanced Technology projects:

  • Larry Chen '18: Project Thoth: Handwriting Machine
  • Daniel Ellis '18 and Michael Hall '18: ATLAS: A Convolutional Neural Network Powered Self-Driving Car
  • Isaac Fink '19: Stack-It Game for Android
  • Webster Lehmann '18: Dumble: The Keyless Door
  • Benjamin Putaski '19 (Co-supervised by Stefanie Motta): Arcadion - A 2D Unity Game Project
  • Jonah Spencer '19: Minimizing Soil Erosion
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