An independent day school serving grades K-12 | St. Paul, MN

Middle School Faculty and Staff

SPA's Middle School teachers are masters of their disciplines and enjoy working with students entering young adolescence. All Middle School teachers are trained in Developmental Designs for Middle School, a program rooted in the development of caring communities, healthy relationships, and in the development of self-control, personal responsibility, and responsible independence. 85% of our Middle School faculty hold advanced degrees in addition to the baccalaureate degree.

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Virginia Andres

Middle School Principal

Mackenzie Bevins

MS Social Studies

Jenny Borovsky

MS Mathematics, Manager of Academic Data

Tami Brass

Director of Instructional Technology

Neil Bray

MS World Languages, Chinese, 7th Grade Team Advisor, World Languages Department Chair

Kate Brooks

M/US Librarian

Shannon Browne

MS Science, 8th Grade Team Advisor

Rolando Castellanos

M/US World Languages, Spanish, J. Jerome Hill Endowed Chair in Languages

Carrie Clark

MS English, English Department Chair, Huss Endowed Chair in English

Christine Collins

MS Mathematics & Science, 7th Grade Team Advisor, Frederick Weyerhaeuser Endowed Chair in Science

Matylin DeMars

MS Mathematics

Matt Donald

MS Mathematics, 8th Grade Team Leader

Jenni Dorfsman

MS World Languages, German, 8th Grade Team Advisor

Almut Engelhardt

M/US Fine Arts, Private Lesson Supervisor

Kristin Flom

MS World Languages, French, 7th Grade Team Advisor

Monica Garrido-Mejia

Randolph Campus Health Assistant

Kate Glassman

MS English

Sam Howe

MS English, 7th Grade Team Advisor

Andrew Hueller

M/US English, 8th Grade Team Advisor

Alexis Irish

Intercultural Life Program Specialist
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 20 of 50 constituents