An independent day school serving grades K-12 | St. Paul, MN

Curriculum & Community

In Middle School, students are becoming more independent and figuring out who they are as individuals. Spending time with peers doing activities they enjoy is an important part of this process, and the Middle School curriculum and community reflects that.

In the Middle School, students are challenged to embrace new ideas and think independently. The classroom experience is based on increased academic rigor combined with more freedom of choice. Support for the social/emotional needs of young adolescents is provided using Developmental Designs for Middle School which centers in advisory and permeates all classrooms. Students work each year to set clear standards and expectations for individual behavior and community norms, and practice the skills necessary to uphold these norms throughout the day. The six-day block schedule includes three 80-minute class periods every day, and built-in time for recess, all-division assemblies, study time, and community-based organizations such as Affinity Groups, Special Interest Groups, and clubs.

By the time they enter the Upper School, Middle School students are prepared academically for the rigors of advanced study. They have learned to manage their time, make good choices, and advocate for themselves and their ideas.

Behind the Scenes in the Middle School

In our "Behind the Scenes" video series, we asked Middle School students to make videos that show what life is really like at SPA. 

Behind the Scenes at SPA: Middle School English