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Participation in interscholastic athletics is an important piece of Middle School student life. The Middle School offers 12 dedicated sports teams for students in grades 6-8 to participate in and an additional 6 Upper School sport offerings for students in grades 7-8. Almost 85% of our students participate on one of our teams each year. SPA maintains a staff of 42 Middle School coaches and a 12:1 student-athlete to coach ratio. For detailed information about SPA's athletic program, visit the Athletics section of our website or contact Taylor Tvedt, Lower & Middle School Athletics Director.

The Middle School Physical Education program is also designed to expose students to a variety of sports, skills, and knowledge so they will be able to select their future athletic-physical education and lifetime physical activities. All Middle School students participate in P.E., even if they are also on a team.

Middle School teams are listed below. Most Middle School sports are open to all students in Grades 6-8 regardless of experience; teams marked with an asterisk (Alpine skiing, hockey, swimming and diving, golf, boys' and girls' lacrosse) are Upper School teams open to athletes in Grades 7-8 who have prior experience in these sports, at the discretion of the coach and the Department of Athletics based on skill evaluation during tryouts.