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Middle School

The Middle School at SPA is a place where students in Grades 6-8 experience the transition from childhood to young adulthood surrounded by adults who understand this important developmental stage. The curriculum emphasizes wide-ranging exploration and skill development in specific disciplines, taught by teachers who understand and genuinely enjoy students at this age. Organization and accountability are emphasized, and students learn to take responsibility for managing their work.

In the Middle School, students are challenged to embrace new ideas and think independently. The classroom experience is based on increased challenge and depth combined with more freedom of choice.  Support for the social/emotional needs of young adolescents is provided using Developmental Designs for Middle School which centers in advisory and permeates all classrooms. Students work each year to set clear standards and expectations for individual behavior and community norms.

Meet our faculty, explore the grade levels below, and learn about our curriculum and community—Welcome to the Middle School!

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