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Tricia and Jeremy Hedberg

Tricia and Jeremy Hedberg are the parents of three current SPA students in the Classes of '20, '23, '28. With children in all three divisions, they have a wide-ranging perspective on the SPA experience—a perspective that was the reasoning behind to the school’s Building Futures campaign. Read their interview with SPA Magazine below.

Tricia: “Sending our kids to SPA is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The teachers know our kids so well—and not just as students, but as people. We’ve realized over the last five years what a special place SPA really is.”

Jeremy: “Tricia and I have an interesting perspective on education: we're both first-generation college graduates, and neither of us knew anyone growing up who went to private school. Honestly, we never imagined that we’d send our kids to private school, and coming here was something of a leap of faith for us. But the experience overall has been outstanding. The teachers are world-class, and everyone works together to make sure the kids have exactly what they need.”

Tricia: “I am truly astounded at the depth and breadth of the teachers’ knowledge and expertise. This past fall, I walked out of Upper School Back-to-School Night thinking, “Wow!” The teachers are extremely academically strong and the passion they have is obvious. On the other end of the spectrum, our youngest is a very different learner. However, the teachers at the Lower School have been warm and caring and have made much of our experience thus far feel magical. They really do take into account the “whole child.” In addition, when we have raised questions or concerns, the response has been immediate and we have felt heard.”

Both: “Many of our friends who have shared horror stories of their Middle School experiences. Having one child in SPA’s Middle School now, and another already gone through it, we have found it to be an incredible learning environment with tremendous teachers. We have seen amazing growth and increased self-esteem and self-confidence thanks to the attentiveness, time and efforts of the Middle School teachers.”

Jeremy: “Before we decided to send the kids here, I looked up the parent participation numbers in terms of giving. I wanted to know how involved parents were—that’s important. Parents need to be invested in the education of their children, and the extent that people make a commitment beyond tuition is meaningful. I hope that other parents recognize what a fantastic place SPA is, and how this campaign is going to be such an agent of change for the school. We're supporting this effort because we believe so strongly in what SPA does. When you have such great people, such tremendous teachers— you want them to have facilities that match the quality of the people.”

Tricia: “Being here is such a gift, and when we saw the drawings for the new Schilling Center and listened to Bryn [Roberts] talk about it, we felt this was a place where we could give back to the school. When I think about what our kids will experience in the beautiful new building, it is so exciting, and an amazing gift for them. We are extremely grateful that we can be a part of this effort."