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Annual Fund

Every Gift Becomes a Story

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising initiative that provides 5% of SPA’s operating budget. The qualities that make a SPA education distinctive for every student are made possible by gifts to the Annual Fund. Last year, the difference between tuition and the full cost of instruction for each student at SPA was approximately $5,000. Gifts to the Annual Fund help make up an important part of this necessary income. Like all other independent schools, SPA relies on the generous support of members of our community each year.

Your yearly support of the Annual Fund ensures that St. Paul Academy and Summit School is able to provide every student the opportunity to create their own stories. Together, our gifts magnify the collective story that makes up the exceptional learning experience our students have every day. Help up write a new chapter—Make your gift today!

Visit our Parent Participation Dashboard for more information on the Parent Campaign and for the current participation in each grade level.

For more information about the Annual Fund, contact Alyse Simondet, Director of Annual Giving by email or at 651-696-1302. 

“It is a joy to be invited to students’ activities outside of school. During hockey games in particular, I am stunned by my students’ speed and facility on the ice—and then the next day, I listen to these same students in class as they talk intelligently and thoughtfully about The Great Gatsby or Zadie Smith.  I am in awe of our students’ ability to harness their passions and talents, whether in the classroom or outside of it. ”

– Philip de Sa e Silva, Upper School English teacher

“Leading the assembly in fifth grade is something that I remember very vividly. I had watched hundreds of kids do their emcee before I went, and when it was finally my turn, I looked out at the Kindergarteners and could not believe I once sat in the seats in the front they were in. I was only 11, but I felt like a leader. In that moment, I felt a strong sense of responsibility.”

– Jack Geller ’17