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1980: Girls' Swimming at SPA

During the 1980’s, St. Paul Academy and Summit School saw significant growth in the girls’ swimming program. The team’s improvement began as the first diving coach was hired and as the team began using St. Catherine University's pool, just down the street. With rivalries against Breck and Blake, the team was a popular sport for students. In the 1990's, the team became a co-op with St. Paul’s Highland Park Senior High School.

1986 and 1987: Girls' Tennis State Champions

The girls' tennis program was a powerhouse during the 1986 and 1987 season. The team would capture the Minnesota Class A Tennis Championship and Kira Gregerson '89 would claim the singles championship. E.C. Shepard '89 and Kathleen Kyle '88 would win the doubles runner-up.

1988: SPA Soccer Named One of the Best

In 1988, the boys' soccer team was named "One of the Best Teams in the US” after winning the Minnesota State Championship in 1986 and 1987. In addition, some of the team’s players would go on to play collegiately and professionally including Gerard Lagos '88, Manny Lagos '90, and Tony Sanneh ’90.

1989: Gina Suh '94 Triumphs

Gina Suh '94 wins the Minnesota State Class A Tennis title as an 8th grader. Suh would go on to repeat as State Champion for five years in a row, setting a state record for securing the most individual high school championships. Gina would be recognized by the StarTribune for her achievements as one of the top athletes in Minnesota following the 1972 enactment of Title IX.