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Angela Carr ’66


Painting is my passion. It makes me feel connected to something much larger than myself. My life's experiences and perceptions provide the prescription for the lens through which I view the world. What I create is a visual commentary unique to me. Painting is my VOICE. I invite you into my world of art and ask that you use my work as a jumping off point for your own self-realization and creative expression in whatever media or field you have chosen for yourself. 

When I paint an abstract portrait, 1 weave both physical and non-physical into an intricate and colorful blend of color, line, shape and space to reveal the subtle nuances that give each of us our individuality and distinctiveness. I enjoy sharing visually the intimate rapport between my subject and myself. 

When I work totally in the Abstract I emote in large bursts of color and sweeping strokes. There 

is a feeling of freedom and abandon that envelops me as I make the canvas my own by orchestrating a symphony of movement, color, line and space. I am in command of my passion until my very last stroke and then I nearly collapse from the exhaustion of the momentum of the process. Abstract Expressionism is by far my favorite venue for self-expression, communication and interpreting the world around me. 

About the Artist: Angela Carr As Presented in a Presentation by Twin Cities Art Solutions 

Angela earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Arts/English and her Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Art Education from the University of Minnesota. She also studies Graphic Design, While living and working in Nevada she designed five book covers/jackets for Dennis N. Griffin. 

Angela has exhibited her artwork in galleries and various other venues over the years. She has received recognition and awards in juried competitions. Many of her paintings are in private collections throughout the U.S. In recent years, Angela has preferred to show locally in smaller venues. 

Having begun selling paintings at sixteen, Angela now particularly enjoys selling through word-of-mouth marketing by enthusiastic owners of her work. A few years ago, Angela finally said yes to a coffee shop owner who had been asking her for two years to exhibit her work. On opening evening, she surprised viewers by holding a drawing to win one of her originals. A young architect, recently out of school won the drawing. He asked Angela which painting she would choose. She suggested he select the one that resonated with him. And added that she would answer his question after he had made his choice. He selected Angela's favorite of that 

grouping. When she told him this, he was visibly pleased with his selection.

Angela really enjoys these interactions. "It's so much fun to observe viewers visceral reactions and to listen to what they see in my abstractions. You know, once I've finished painting, the art isn't about me or my intent anymore, it's all about what the viewer experiences, what they walk away with.


Angela Carr ’66

Angela Carr ’66