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Alumni/ae Art Gallery

The Alumni/ae Art Show is an annual Reunion Weekend event held in conjunction with the All-Alumni/ae Reception. The exhibit highlights the artistic works of St. Paul Academy and Summit School alumni/ae who are celebrating a reunion. This year, the Harry M. Drake Gallery will feature six alumni/ae artists who graduated in a year ending in “0” or “5:" Litton E. S. Field, Jr. '75, Bill Hollinshead '60, Isabelle McCormick '10, Sa Schloff '85, Cathy Weyerhaeuser '75, and Maura Whelan '10.

Have fun exploring the gallery below! We also encourage you to visit each individual artist page where you can read the alum's artist statement, explore their collection of work, and watch a short video interview. 


Artist Statement: "I was delighted to be selected to participate in this year’s art exhibit as we celebrate 45 years since my classes graduation. I owe my love of photography to my time at SPA/SS. The images I selected travel through my experiences with a camera. Jane Tiers inspired me with her comments about the “classic S curve” in 1971. In 1972 I captured the spider windows which were over the entrance to the Ordway Wing. Later, that year a cat caught my eye at the old Traditions store on Grand and and a lady on the bus. In August of 1972 I found my love, street photography starting at the Great Minnesota Get Together. All 3 of these images came from the same roll of film. Late that year I made a self portrait. 1973 found the Mama D’s fire in Dinky Town and a group on a couch at the Waikiki Hilton. The clowns were a feature on the side of my study desk at SPA/SS my senior year..."



Artist Statement: "I was shaping wood before first grade at the Junior School, and I have always thought of myself as a woodworker, rather than "artist." I make furniture and children's vehicles from the hardwoods that grow on or near our land in SE Massachusetts: mostly black cherry, black walnut, white oak, ash, and some maple, hickory, even butternut and sassafras. My shop is in the old barn behind our very old house, and it stores far too much sawn wood drying and waiting for my next project.

In recent decades, I've been more focused on furniture design, attending workshops with Sam Maloof, Jere Osgood, David Haig, Peter Korn, and other luminaries of the Craft Furniture Movement. I am especially interested in bending wood into curves, by steaming, lamination, and/or carving..."


Display Table

Hippogryph Table

Hippogryph Table with Hippogryph's Fawn

Hippogryph Table with Hippogryph's Fawn

Kid's Cart

Chair #5 (Klismos)

Rehoboth Elastic Chair #10

Stair Table


Artist Statement: "Born just after the launch of the World Wide Web, I paint as a way to digest digital zeitgeist through the handmade. Still, I question whether modern technologies have ushered in an era of empowered self-expression for women, or reinforce patriarchal motifs. I am struck by the centrality of the Venus figure throughout the complicated history of Western art. The influence of the Venus pudica tradition endures even today across the landscape of social media, where selfhood operates as currency. In the age of the nude #selfie, I revisit the bathing goddess’s gestures and the implicit presence of the voyeuristic gaze. A hollow, standalone avatar emerges across my paintings. Plastic and malleable, seductively painted. She is glued to the screen, her iPhone a phantom limb. I look to women artists critical of societal pressures to put your best face forward, from Orlan’s performances of plastic surgery to Cindy Sherman’s Instagram page..."

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After Frida, oil on canvas with gold leaf and Swarovski crystal rhinestones, 52x42x2in, 2020

Farnesina Filter, oil on canvas, 120x100x2cm, 2018

Banana in Repose, oil on canvas with gold leaf and Swarovski crystal rhinestones, 38x40x1.25in, 2020

Luke, oil on canvas, 10x10x1.25in, 2019


Artist Statement: "I have spent many years photographing architecture and portraits of students inside of schools. In past years I photographed inside of Lane Tech College Prep, which is a coveted selective enrollment high school with an impressive, castle-like building and the largest student body in the state of Illinois. 

I am currently photographing at my neighborhood school: Mather High School is a bit of a plain Jane compared to Lane. The building itself was originally a junior high school, built in the 1960s. It is fairly bland and each hallway looks the same. The students, however, are quite vibrant, hailing from many different countries. The school’s motto is ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and more than 75% of students speak a language other than English at home..."

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Artist Statement: "My art tends to be whimsical scenes and images drawing from nature with an illustrative quality to it. I have been inspired by American folk art and work at creating a flat composition that reads as a scene as well as multiple stories. Imbedded in my work is an obsession with patterns and designs. I have traveled widely for inspiration, both to expand my imagination and to appreciate what is right in front of me. I especially like to work in gouache and ink.

I have a BA in geology, a BS in education and have studied at the College of Visual Arts and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  I have written and illustrated several non-fiction earth science books with Mountain Press Publishing.  I live and create in White Bear Lake, Minnesota."

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Artist Statement: "I have always been interested in how we claim places, and how those places claim us in return. How we cultivate places to inhabit, settle into them, leave them, and then return to them in our memories and dreams. I combine traditional landscape painting with collage and abstraction to investigate the relationship between place, memory, and the body. Though my primary medium has always been oil paint, I also enjoy the unexpected images that arise from combining images through collage.

This group of work, Home/Body, emerged when, like many others, I stayed home for Covid-19 for the three months between April and June, isolating in my parents-in-law’s house in Connecticut. I had never been interested in houses or man-made structures, opting usually for animals and natural forms, yet I started drawing out of the window on my iPad because I had nothing else to do..."

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