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Alumni/ae Regional Captain Program

St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s Alumni/ae Regional Captain Program provides the opportunity for alumni/ae outside of the Twin Cities to connect in their particular city or region of the country. Captains serve in a variety of capacities that meet the needs of local alumni/ae, including welcoming new alumni to your region, aiding with events (when applicable) in your area, and collaborating with the Alumni/ae Council and Alumni/ae Office for local community engagement opportunities. 


  1. Welcome alumni/ae relocating or traveling to your area. The Alumni/ae Office will assist in sending a letter out in September of each year to other alumni/ae in your area and encouraging them to stay connected.
  2. Help the Alumni/ae Office stay updated on alumni/ae in your area.
  3. Assist in organizing one to two informal alumni/ae events a year. These could be an informal happy hour, gathering to watch a Vikings/Twins/Wild game, etc. The Alumni/ae Office will assist with coordinating this.
  4. Regional Captain Event Planning FAQ
  5. Assist the Alumni/ae Office with School sponsored events held in your area (when applicable).
  6. Receive updates from the Alumni/ae Office on School news and events and share with your local alumni/ae community.
  7. Support social media efforts by following the Facebook, Instagram and joining the LinkedIn Groups and liking/sharing content. In addition, posting about job opportunities in your respective area and sharing content and pictures about local alumni/ae in your area.

Meet your regional captains!