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Victoria Greeman

Artist Statement

Girls in sports are 2x as likely to quit by the age of fourteen than boys are. This is due to lack of funding in school districts, discrimination, and more. So, in order to do my part to combat this, I want to celebrate girls in sports. I specifically chose swimming because swimming is a female dominated sport, which is something that is very rare in the sports world. That, and swimming has been a big part of my life, and has gotten me through hardships, and has formed me into the person I am today. 

For this project, I’ve decided to photograph action shots of girls from my team. I wanted to show just how intense they are about this sport, and, in turn, show how intense their love for the sport is using quotes organically created when I asked the swimmers: “Why do you swim?” These are the results. 

Melina Hughes, Pigmented Ink Print, 2019 
“I swim because my dad had a heart attack when I was young and I know that when he watches me swim it makes him happy. I never know if it’ll be the last time he gets to watch me do what I love.”

Felicia Symreng, Pigmented Ink Print, 2019
“I do it for a lot of reasons. First being that it’s just something I’ve done ever since I was little and I find it fun to do and second being that I have all you guys [teammates] as friends and it’s fun to hang out with you and last because it keeps me in shape.” 

Audrey Percich, Pigmented Ink Print, 2019
“I swim because I love it. I love the people i get to be with and I love seeing the hard work I put in pay off and I love the commotion.” 

Sydney Bohn, Pigmented Ink Print, 2019
“I enjoy swimming because it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and I get to spend time with my friends.” 

Chloe Johnson, Pigmented Ink Print, 2019
“I  swim because everyday when I get into the water, I am challenged in so many ways, which ultimately raises my potential physically and in character. I have the great opportunity to identify ways to grow, and therefore improve to become the swimmer I want to be. That for me is the ambition I hold onto everyday when I come to the pool.” 

Sadie Krause, Pigmented Ink Print, 2019
“[I swim] because of the close friends I’ve made on the team and the excitement I get from racing and feeling good after finishing a hard practice.”