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Quinn Christensen

Artist Statement

My work focuses on femininity and storytelling. Through garments, I seek to explore the complex relationships between gender, body, fashion, and narrative. One way that I do this is through the marriage of text and image; another is through embroidery, which connotes womanhood and the home.

My first project, Michelangelo in Lipstick, creates a juxtaposition between a light, pink, tulle garment and an artist who is famous for his portrayal of masculinity. My second piece, The Car Ride Home, takes an essay I wrote by the same title and combines it with a garment to give the piece the capability to be worn. This felt like a natural extension of the written piece due to the piece’s subject matter, which focuses on bodies and homecoming. With both of these pieces, I hope to challenge viewers (or wearers) to consider the role of clothing, gender, and body in their own lives.

Michelangelo in Lipstick, Tulle, 2020

The Car Ride Home, Canvas and Pigmented Ink Sticker, 2020