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Clark Waltz

The white deer is a wonderous and ethereal creature responsible for centuries of unicorn lore and superstitions. Around a decade ago, I stumbled onto one of these creatures in a clearing of the shoddy campground where I was residing for a weekend. The exchange was silent, neither of us sure who was the predator and who was the prey. Then it was over, but the encounter remained deep within the depths of my subconscious for the following years. I cannot identify the force which caused the unearthing of this memory, but I feel the need to honor it, as well as the white deer. Through my art, I use juxtaposition and movement to capture the nuances of my subjects to ignite a sense of primitive yet necessary intrigue. 

My collection juxtaposes its subjects. The symbols work to convey universality in all its infiniteness. The movements of the lines are abstract yet foundational, structural, essential. My portraits of heroines are to act as a source of security, of relatability. Regardless of a subject’s scale, each one exists to awaken some excitement within the viewer. Together, the subjects form a universe, one filled with uncertain but undeniable adventure. A universe where the white deer roam in great herds and all other impossibilities have the potential of coming true.

Dark Matter, Marker and Cricut Software, 2020

Solar, Marker and Cricut Software, 2020

Quake, Marker and Cricut Software, 2020

Heroine 1, Marker, 2020

Heroine 2, Marker, 2020