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Charlie Keillor

Artist Statement

I make paintings and drawings about moments from my life or other people's lives. I make drawings and paintings about narratives as well. I use abstract figures to convey certain emotions and help illustrate a narrative. I use layers over longer periods of time to create more depth to my work. I use acrylic paints, markers, pencils, oil pastels, and pens. I work on paper and canvas of many different sizes. My work includes faces, body parts and sometimes buildings and abstract representations of objects. What isn't visible in my work is the time in your life that the image makes you think of or the person or emotion. I use layers to represent the complexity of a person, moment or narrative. I don't usually include real landscape backgrounds because my work focuses on the emotions or thoughts surrounding a moment, person, or narrative.

The Magician, 2020

Horseshoe, 2020

The Hole, 2020