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Parent Associations

A student's experience at SPA is a partnership between the family and school.  SPA's two Parent Associations—one for Lower School parents and the other for Middle and Upper School parents—are organizations formed by and for SPA parents that are important pieces of that partnership. Both organizations support the community in two ways: by providing opportunities to support the work of the school; and providing ways for SPA parents to get to know each other, forming friendships and support networks as their students move through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. 

Mission and Vision

Both Parent Associations share a common mission and vision, contributing to school life by:

  • fostering a sense of community among students, parents, and the school
  • providing parent education programs
  • facilitating communication among parents and between the parent body and the school
  • providing volunteer support

Both Parent Associations pride themselves on their openness, flexibility, and warmth.  Parent Association leadership welcome all parent (and grandparent) involvement and are happy to help all SPA families find ways to be involved in the life of the school and connect with each other. 

Parent Associations