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Our Faculty and Staff

Everyone who works at SPA, both teachers and staff, is committed to our students and families. Explore the Faculty and Staff Directory, below, to search for people by name or department, or visit the Lower, Middle, and Upper School pages to view faculty directories by division.

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Tina Alvir-Romero

LS Spanish

Emily Anderson

US English

Thomas Anderson

US Academic Dean

Virginia Andres

Middle School Principal

Amber Armstrong

US Mathematics

Libby Arnosti

LS Spanish

Karissa Baker

US Science, Science Department Chair

Emily Barbee

US Counselor

Courtney Barker

Director of Human Resources

Ami Berger

Director of Communications

Adam Berggren

Plant and Maintenance

Stephanie Bergholtz

LS Physical Education

Raney Bice

US Mathematics

Anne Boemler

US English

Anne Boemler

US English

Stephen Boese

Executive Chef - Taher Food Service

Ben Bollinger Danielson

US History and Social Studies, History and Social Studies Department Endowed Chair

Jenny Borovsky

MS Mathematics, Manager of Academic Data

Tami Brass

Director of Instructional Technology

Neil Bray

MS World Languages, Chinese, 7th Grade Team Advisor, World Languages Department Chair
1 2 3 11 > showing 1 - 20 of 205 constituents