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"The Drowsy Chaperone" wins 22 Spotlight Awards from Hennepin Theatre Trust, including "Outstanding Overall Production"

SPA's production of The Drowsy Chaperone, the 2022 Upper School spring musical, is the recipient of 22 Spotlight Awards from the Hennepin Theatre Trust's Spotlight Program. View photos from The Drowsy Chaperone.

The 22 awards earned by this year's performance is the most earned by an Upper School musical. The 2018 musical, Rent, earned 19 Spotlight Awards; the 2017 musical, Guys and Dolls, earned 18 awards; the 2016 musical, Les Miserables, earned 14 awards; and the 2015 musical, Urinetown, earned 16.

Spotlight is an awards program for high school musical performances; throughout the school year, Spotlight evaluators attend participating high school's musical performances and awards honors to selected productions, ensembles, and individuals. These culminate in a showcase at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis in early June. 

The ensemble Spotlight Awards for Drowsy Chaperone are:

  • Overall Production: Outstanding
  • Overall Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Achievement in Theatre: Honorable Mention
  • Vocal Performance: Outstanding 
  • Ensemble Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Acting Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Dance Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Student Orchestra: Honorable Mention
  • Costume Crew: Honorable Mention
  • Run Crew: Outstanding
  • Overall Technical Team: Outstanding
  • Light & Sound Crew: Honorable Mention

The individual Spotlight Awards for Into the Woods are: 

  • Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role:  Clea Gaitas Sur '23 as Woman in Chair
  • Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role: Davyd Barchuk '22 as Robert Martin
  • Honorable Mention Performance in a Leading Role: Annika Brelsford '22 as Janet Van de Graff
  • Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role: Soren Miller '23 as Aldolpho
  • Honorable Mention Performance in a Supporting Role: Sarina Charpentier '22 as Trix
  • Evaluator Shout-Out: Olivia Szaj '22 as The Chaperone
  • Evaluator Shout-Out: Leo Sampsell-Jones '23 as Feldzieg
  • Evaluator Shout-Out: Connor Overgaard '24 as George
  • Outstanding in Technical Leadership: Vivian Johnson '22 (Stage Manager)
  • Outstanding in Technical Leadership: Will Sedo '22 (Lighting)

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of The Drowsy Chaperone!