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SPA honored as National Yearbook Program of Excellence

Congratulations to the 2020 Ibid Yearbook staff who have earned recognition as a 2020 National Yearbook Program of Excellence. SPA was one of 17 Minnesota schools to be recognized (see the full list). This honor celebrates:

  • Creating a meaningful book for all students that includes a vast majority of the student body. For the past four years, the Ibid yearbook has not only included our students, but set the goal to cover every student three times -- a goal we've successfully achieved at 90%
  • Placing a book in every student's hands. Ibid focuses on community, and SPA has supported our priority of one book per family, every senior receiving a yearbook, and the yearbook distribution event where students come together to sign books and share memories.
  • Effective project management means valuing deadlines and committing, as a team, to meet them. This was never truer than this year when the Ibid yearbook was completed remotely in April. The staff came together to reenvision what spring coverage needed to look like, amidst the loss of sports, spring events, and being together. The staff had a week to transform the spring section -- collect submitted photos, conduct new interviews, and redesign pages -- and they successfully uploaded the last yearbook page just before midnight on our final deadline.

"This is another first for our program," says Director of Publications Kathryn Campbell. "But I believe it reflects the priorities we've set for the past few years that created a real shift in our coverage of the community through journalistic storytelling coupled with the outstanding senior leadership of Editors-In-Chiefs Alessandra Costalonga, Lori Li, and Ashley Su."

Please join us in congratulating our journalists!

Photo: Lori, Ashley, and Alessandra on the day we received the cover sample of the 2020 yearbook