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Senior Art Seminar students' artwork featured in gallery and virtual exhibits

The work of 16 senior artists is now on display in the 2021 Senior Art Seminar Exhibition. The two-part exhibition is the creation of students enrolled in the Honors Art Seminar, the Upper School's most advanced art seminar. Both shows will run through June 6 and feature the work of seniors Isobel Alm, Lucy Benson, Annabelle Bond, Lara Cayci, Eli Conrod-Wovcha, Adrienne Gaylord, K. Goodman, Lucia Granja, Ruby Hoeschen, Liv Larsen, Stella McKoy, Addie Morrisette, Tana Ososki, Fiona Rucker, Luka Shaker-Check, and Jasmine White.

This year, the seminar students worked hard to curate two exhibitions of their work. "The Observer Effect" is now on display in the Harry M. Drake Gallery on the Randolph Campus; and the virtual "Atmospheric Pressure." View the virtual exhibit of "Atmospheric Pressure."

The artists' statement for "The Observer Effect" notes that 'The Observer Effect' is the phenomenon in which a system changes simply because it is being observed. This year of isolation has allowed us to be selective with what we present and to curate the images that pass through our windows to the outside.

The artists' statement for the online "Atmospheric Pressure" notes that the exhibit a snapshot of our growth throughout this semester. Atmospheres are environments shared and personal, metaphorical and literal, and distinctly unique to each of us. The art we make is our lens with which we analyze these experiences. We hope that this gallery will be an opportunity for your eustachian tubes to clear.