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Middle School English teacher publishes fourth novel, "Life in Increments"

On September 22, Middle School English teacher Andy Hueller published his newest young adult novel, Life in Increments.

Life in Increments is a love story told from the perspective of two teenagers: Philihp, a boy who is obsessed with movies and video games, and Auburn, the girl he has a major crush on but doesn't know he exists. As Philihp begins to explore his interest in Auburn, he learns to trust his ability to see the world's patterns and to live his life in appropriate increments, in hopes that it will ultimately carry him to Auburn's heart. Of course, Auburn is living her own life, a life in the shadow of her younger brother's fragile health. Life in Increments is about these two characters trying to understand life and love and what it means to do right by the people you care about.

Hueller worked on the first draft of this book from 2014-2017 and was inspired by his work with his SPA middle school students."I'd been working with students on different short forms of writing, including the mini-saga, a precisely 50-word story," he said. "This got me thinking about what type of character would keep track of word counts... During a time when I was struggling to carve out consistent writing time, seeing the world, while writing, through Philihp's point of view made the writing always feel approachable."

This is Hueller's fourth fiction book. He is also the author of Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle, Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth, and How I Got Rich Writing 'C' Papers.

Find his newest novel at any bookstore, including the Red Balloon bookstore in St. Paul.