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SPA student scientists qualify for State at Regional Science Fair

On Friday, February 28 and Saturday, February 29, 12 students competed at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair (TCRSF) and earned multiple awards and honors, including 10 qualifications to the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair. The State competition takes place on March 26-28 at Benilde-St. Margaret's. See the complete list of students who competed in the 2020 regional event and their projects below (italicized students are advancing to state).

  • Noel Abraham '21 | The Night Sky of our Intergalactic Neighbors: Creating Star Maps For Exoplanets
  • Helen Bartlett '20 | Associations Between Sexual Risk Behavior and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Among Minnesota High School Students
  • Richard Chang '20 | Calibration of Magnetometers
  • Anthony Chen '21 | The Effects of Short Term Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation on Diatom Photosynthetic Productivity
  • Maya Choi '21 | Degradation of Microplastics: The Efficacy of Various Bacteria in Breaking Down Microplastics in the Environment
  • Paige Indritz '20 | The Effect of pH on Bioremediation of Acid Mine Drainage
  • Aidan Lanz '20 | Mycoremediation of Organic Environmental Contaminants
  • Mina Mandic '21 | Exploring the Wonders of the Early Universe: Green Pea Galaxies and Luminous Flux
  • Ananya Narayan '20 and Pia Schultz '20 | Influence of Positive vs. Negative Moral Motivations on Sustainable Decision-Making in Middle Schoolers
  • Sydney Therien '20 | Testing Bacillus subtilis for estrogen degrading ability using zebrafish as a model organism
  • Liam Will '20 | Physiological Stress and Internet Addiction in Adolescents

In addition to the state competition, Maya Choi '21 and Anthony Chen '21 were named first and second alternates, respectively, for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). ISEF is widely regarded as the most prestigious science competition for high school students in the nation.

Six students (and one alternate) are also moving on to the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS). JSHS is another STEM competition where students present the results of their original research efforts before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers for a chance to qualify for scholarships and to advance to regional, national and international symposia. Students advancing in the 2020 contest include:

  • Richard Chang '20
  • Anthony Chen '21
  • Aidan Lanz '20
  • Mina Mandic '21
  • Sydney Therien '20
  • Liam Will '20
  • Alternate: Maya Choi '21

Finally, SPA students were also the recipients of 12 separate awards within the regional competition:

  • DuPont Water Solutions Award | Sydney Therien  '20
  • City of St. Paul Youth Fund Award | Anthony Chen '21
  • 3M Display Materials and Systems Division Award | Maya Choi  '21
  • 3M Inventor Award | Richard Chang '20
  • Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Microbiology | Maya Choi '21 and Aidan Lanz '20
  • US Air Force Award | Noel Abraham and Richard Chang '20
  • American Psychological Association Award | Helen Bartlett '20
  • ASM Materials Education Foundation Award | Liam Will '20
  • NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award | Maya Choi '21
  • Society for In Vitro Biology Award | Maya Choi '21
  • Yale Science and Engineering Association Award | Noel Abraham '21
  • Stockholm Junior Water Project Award | Maya Choi '21, Aidan Lanz '20, and Sydney Therien '20

Congratulations to all of our student-researchers!