An independent day school serving grades K-12 | St. Paul, MN

Mission and Values


Our mission—shaping the minds and the hearts of the people who will change the world—is a promise to our students and our families.
At SPA, our mission is more than just a sign on the wall. It inspires us to be thoughtful about everything we do. It inspires us to be our best and reminds us that we have the responsibility to respect the unique potential in every child. There are literally thousands of decisions made every day by our faculty, staff, and students, and these decisions define who we are. We ask everyone in our community to use our mission statement as a filter: is this decision in alignment with our mission?

Our mission gives us purpose. It represents our greatest aspirations and values. But most of all, it reflects our deep belief in the talents and capabilities of our students.


The SPA experience is shaped by five core values: 
Community, Excellence, Belonging, Kindness,
and Purpose.

  • Community: Our school community is built on the deep bonds formed between our students and their teachers, their peers, and the adults who support and care for them throughout their educational journey. These relationships, and the sense of community and camaraderie they inspire, are the foundation of the SPA experience.

  • Excellence: Excellence at SPA is characterized by the joy we take in learning and teaching, fostering curiosity, and engaging deeply in ideas. We encourage students to do and be their best both in and out of the classroom.

  • Belonging: We expect every member of our community to contribute intentionally to a culture in which all feel a sense of belonging and can thrive in every aspect of school life. We work to create this culture through brave, respectful dialogue, and through equitable and inclusive actions and policies that respect the dignity and humanity of all.

  • Kindness: Kindness is a hallmark of our community. There is a sense of genuine warmth and welcome here, one that is palpable in our classrooms, hallways, and community spaces. We care for each other with appreciation and respect, and work to care for ourselves as well.

  • Purpose: Our purpose, both individually and collectively, is making the world a better place. When combined with a genuine commitment to creating a better world, learning becomes remarkable. In developmentally appropriate ways, we empower and inspire students to make a positive impact in their classrooms, in their communities, and in the world. 

Our Mission

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