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Life @ SPA

The best way to understand life at SPA is to visit us, and experience our warm and welcoming community in person! In the meantime, take a peek into what makes SPA special through our videos, social media feeds, photo albums, and twice-yearly SPA Magazine

Featured Videos: "Behind the Scenes"

In our "Behind the Scenes" video series, we asked Lower, Middle, and Upper School students to make videos that show what life at SPA is really like. As Henry says in Behind the Scenes: Middle School English: "Watch and learn!"

Behind the Scenes:
Lower School - Fostering a Love of Learning
Behind the Scenes:
Middle School English
Behind the Scenes:
Upper School Seminar-Based Learning
Behind the Scenes:
The Rubicon—Our Student Newspaper
Behind the Scenes:
Middle School Activities
Behind the Scenes:
Upper School Debate
Behind the Scenes:
Our Favorite Places

SPA Magazine:

SPA Magazine Spring/Summer 2023

SPA’s thoughtful and innovative programming in the Lower and Middle School is the focus of the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of the SPA Magazine.

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