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Return to School 2020-21 Archive

During the 2020-21 school year, regular communication with our families was a critical part of SPA's successful response to COVID-19. Our robust Return to School 2020-21 website, which served as a central reference point for all health and safety protocols and guidelines, was an important piece of that communication; the Return to School 2020-21 site is now archived here. In addition, all community-wide updates from Head of School Bryn Roberts during 2020-21are archived below.

For a look back at life at SPA during the beginning of the pandemic in Spring of 2020, please visit the Spartan Online Hub.

We are extraordinarily grateful to the entire SPA community for its support and resilience during the pandemic, and we look forward to reconnecting as a community in the Fall of 2021.

Community Updates


Stay Safe Minnesota: A comprehensive overview of Minnesota's response to COVID

"Schools and the Path to Zero," published by the Brown School of Public Health in December 2020.

Safe Learning Plan: Guidance for school reopening, issued by Governor Walz on July 30, 2020

Schools and Childcare: COVID-19: The Minnesota Department of Health's overview of data for schools, including the 14-day case rate by county

Facts about Coronavirus: The Centers for Disease Control's COVID-19 information center